Back to wall toilet: fits tight up to furniture unit or false or stud wall. A cistern concealed within the unit or boxed in the wall connects to the pan by a short flush-pipe which, like the cistern.

Basin: see sink.

Bathscreen: a screen that sits on one side of the bath and is used to deflect water thus enabling the bath to double as a shower enclosure.

Bidet: is an item, similar in appearance to a toilet, however it projects water that is used for personal cleaning.


Chromotherapy: treatment by coloured lights – alternative therapy which uses colours and their energy frequencies.

Cistern: the area in which water is held for flushing of the toilet. Sometimes known as tank or closet.

Close coupled toilet: water sits directly on top of the toilet pan, which is fixed to the floor, and the cistern is fixed to the wall.

Combination boiler: a boiler that provides a constant flow of hot water without the need for a roof tank or hot water cylinders.


Electric showers: draw water from the cold mains domestic supply and heat it as it is used. They do not require a full tank of water.


High level toilet: has a cistern that is mounted high on the wall and connected to the pan by a long flush-pipe, the flush is powerful and operated by a pull-chain and handle.

Hydro massage: massage produced by streams of water.

Hydrotherapy: external use of water in the medical treatment of certain diseases.


Mixer shower: uses a simple shower valve to combine your hot and cold water supplies to produce the showering temperature and flow that you require.


Power shower: combines a mixing valve with a pump in one complete unit. The valve blends hot and cold gravity fed water to achieve the showering temperature that is required. The pump boosts the flow of water to give a powerful, invigorating shower.


Sanitaryware: ceramic or enameled bathroom plumbing fixtures such as toilet bowls, sinks etc

Sauna: is a bath that uses dry heat to cause perspiration. Pouring water onto heated stones produces the steam.

Showerbath: a shaped bath that is built specifically for containing a shower at one end.

Shower enclosures: are the framework in which you take a shower i.e. a shower tray and door, or a shower tray and door with inline and/or side panels.

Shower Panel: consists of bodyjets and multiple showerheads which can be used over a bath or within a shower enclosure.

Shower pumps: provide the necessary boost to solve your problems of poor shower performance and can be used with any good quality mixer shower or shower panel.

Sink: an item used for containing water that is fixed to a wall or floor and having a drainpipe.


Wall hung toilet: suspended or hanging toilet - is fixed tight up to the wall but does not reach to the floor. The cistern is concealed within the unit or wall connects to the pan by a short flush pipe.

Whirlpool bath: a bath with an electric pump that circulates water through pipes entering the bath via moveable jets. The water is forced into the bath providing a whirlpool of water that massages you whilst relaxing in the bath. Also provides therapeutic benefits.

Wetrooms: a fully tiled walk in shower room.